MIT Admissions

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Hi—the waiting is over!

We know waiting can be really stressful. Thanks for bearing with us and for understanding that it takes time to give so many wonderful applications the individual attention that each deserves. We're happy to report that admissions decisions are now available.

Please note that there's no interim "are you sure?!?" screen. Once you log in, you're going to know immediately whether or not we are able to offer you a spot in MIT's Class of 2024. Therefore, you should be absolutely sure that you wish to find out now before logging in.

Please also make sure that you have some privacy. Whether admitted, waitlisted, or denied, you'll want a moment alone to process your decision before sharing it with others.

We've had a wonderful time getting to know each of you—your stories, your dreams, your wishes for the future. Regardless of which letter awaits you, please know that we think you're simply fantastic—and we can't wait to see how you change our world for the better.

With that said, deep breath...

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